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Postmodern Anabaptists

I just sent a massive email to my Dad and decided to turn it into a blog post. A friend of mine, Jason Barnhart, started a blog recently called The Brethren Contemplative. He recently wrote a series on Brethren theology that has been meaningful for me. — If...

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What the Heck is Glory

Am I right? There are a handful of words that, even after spending my whole life in Christian culture, I have no idea what they actually mean. I mean, I could probably spout of the dictionary definition. If modernism has taught us anything, it’s how to neatly package...

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Gospel Foundations

This is a big week for our budding community. We are kicking off our 12 months set aside for the purpose of laying foundations. We’ll begin teaching for the first time as a community. And the very first topic we’re tackling is… the Gospel! And in true AZ summer...

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