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First Mennonite Church believes discipleship can start at a young age. Therefore, we provide opportunities for our young people to develop a relationship with Jesus.

Beginning with our nursery ministry, we have a dedicated space for children 6 months to two years old, where they can play, be safe, and enjoy the love of our nursery volunteers.

For two year olds through elementary school, we have age specific Sunday school opportunities where kids can develop friendships and nurture a relationship with Jesus.

We have a vibrant Jr. High and Sr. High youth group that includes summer camps, retreats, weekly Bible studies, small groups, and games. We regularly hear stories of these young people encounter the love of God through this incredible ministry.

*All adult volunteers have gone through a background check, and safety policies are strictly enforced to ensure the safety of your children. 


In the Anabaptist tradition, we have a high value for relationships. We believe small groups are where the real “church” happens. What we mean by that is small groups are where people have the opportunity to develop meaningful relationships that will support and love one another through life.

We have a number of small groups actively functioning. Some have been going on for years, and some come and go for a specific study.

To find out what is currently being offered, please reach out.


Our city has developed a problem with homelessness – not that it exists, but that too few are doing anything to serve these people. Several years ago, the Lord led the First Mennonite community to begin serving our homeless population, and we quickly fell in love.

We currently have a variety of regular opportunities to serve the homeless in our city, from a weekly picnic in a park, to job and home placement efforts.

If you’re interested in serving with this ministry, please get in touch.